Key points when starting a new business online

3 Key Element to consider when getting your business online and found by new prospects


Domain names

Look for a domian name that is short, has main keyword in it for help with SEO rankings


Keyword Research

Use Tool like Ahref’s to find business related keywords


Website development

Don’t buy a WIX or GoDaddy Website, work with a website design agency or web designer

The right way to work with a designer on a new website


Set a Projection so no one is rushed


Provide as many examples as possible


Create a sitemap to follow

A more depth look at Domain names

  • 1.

    Keyword Research

  • 2.

    Matching keywords to available domain names

  • 3.

    Running a Google Search for that domain name to research any links

  • 4.

    Also buying the full business name domain name and putting a 301 redirect to the keyword related the domain name


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ways to promote a new business online


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the fastest ways to generate leads online. Get started today!


Social Media Ads

Target the exact demographic you want with social media advertising


Classified Ads

Place ads on classified website with a simple banner image and call tracking number

Ask a Question

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How does your business look online?

Search the web for your local business listing information across the major online business directories. We can help your business fix the errors or you can claim your business profile and submit the correct information.

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