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Las Vegas Web Development Services

A website requires more than creative design to be successful; it demands a well-developed and secure infrastructure with advanced coding that is responsive and configurable in order to deliver optimal results.

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Web Development Services Las Vegas

At 1 Source Media Group we are committed to developing your website with all the components needed to make it successful and efficient. We will not only provide you with the aesthetic design to grab your customer’s attention, but also the professional web development that will impress them. With over 13 years of development experience, 1 Source Media Group understands the importance high level coding, scripting, and security configurations that allow your website to be optimized, responsive, and expandable.  We will ensure your website is HTML and CSS compliant and has the coding needed for search engine optimization. Your website will be crafted to ensure a good user experience, while securing functionality and versatility for your Las Vegas business. 1 Source Media Group grants you complete access to each step in the development process to give you a full understanding of all we’re doing to make your website as successful as possible.

Front End

  • HTML5
  • Responsive HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • Email Templates
  • SASS
  • ZURB
  • Sketch to HTML

Back End

  • CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla )
  • E-commerce Development (Shopify, Magento, Cratejoy)
  • Code Igniter, Zend Framework, Yii, Larvel, Cake PHP


  • Hybrid & Native Mobile App
  • Phone Gap
Web Development Las Vegas

Las Vegas Web Development Services

1 Source Media Group in Las Vegas can provide your business with Web Development Services that leave you with a high quality website with effective search engine optimized content to help you stay competitive.

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Usable & Scalable

Quality web development requires functionality while also allowing for growth. 1 Source Media Group will deliver a site that is usable and scalable providing efficiency and versatility for both you and your customers.

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Who Owns the Code

With 1 Source Media Group you own the entire code for your website. We will not require you to sign a contract and will not retain control over your site. Your approval is sought after in every phase of the process and following complete approval, we will give you the complete file of content, imaging and coding.

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Your growing business needs a website with advanced development that is proficiently established and able to evolve. 1 Source Media Group creates integral websites with advanced coding that are compatible with the latest HTML and CSS standards. You can also trust that your website will be responsive and can easily be configured as your business grows and progresses.

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A website with clean coding is not only more efficient, it is more accessible for future changes or adjustments. 1 Source Media Group guarantees clean, optimized code so that your website can easily be read and edited, allowing it to keep pace as the web expands.

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