Video Market Statistics Show Growth

We all know how important video is in the digital age.

A proper visual presentation is important for catching a user’s attention. Everything from company introductions to advertisements are gravitating towards video.

Video marketing is a growing aspect of online business, and more people are looking to implement videos into their websites. With proper video presentation, it is easier to boost retention, increase conversion, and grow a steady audience of viewers — which can be turned into paying customers.

How Popular is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing Las Vegas
Videos are the kind of media which fit well into nearly any type of website, and the numbers are clear. According to Hubspot, individuals are four times as likely to prefer seeing a video about a product than reading an article about it. In addition, shoppers who view a video are 1.81 times as likely to purchase that product than those who don’t view the video.

With statistics reflecting clear benefits of video marketing, more companies are looking to expand their websites and social media pages using high-quality video content. While great visuals are important, there are other aspects of video which should be considered.

Understanding the Process of Video Optimization

Not all videos are equal. In fact, sometimes the smallest change to a video can help it reach more people and dramatically increase the retention rate. Even if the video looks fine and sounds great, it may not have the specifics the viewer is searching for. Having the right information is valuable in any video marketing endeavor. For example, an advertisement should show customers the product in action and list information about it.

For a video introducing a company, the business’ desired image should be kept in mind. Pictures, text, and music should reflect this properly and help give the customers a good idea of the brand from the video alone.

Other Important Aspects of Video Optimization

  1. Quality: Not every video has to be in 4K resolution, but a video in HD will usually have more success.
  2. Loading Times: While high-quality videos are great, they can also lead to longer load-times for those with slower internet connections. 720p is usually a good balance to aim for.
  3. Length: No one wants to sit through a 20-minute video to find out about a good or service. Keeping things short, simple, and concise will lead to better results.

With the right type of video-marketing strategy, any organization can boost their success.

How Much is Too Much?

For some websites, video content is a great fit. YouTube is one platform that is obvious, but other sites like Twitter and Facebook can also be used to promote videos. Even a personal website can be a great place for video marketing. While it is good to mix up videos with other types of media, there is no right amount. This aspect of marketing is one which companies can experiment with to find the right balance for their organization.

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