3 Defining Moments in Search Engine Optimization

The internet is a constantly evolving entity.

With all the new content that gets uploaded to it every single day, search engines like Google need to regularly improve their algorithms to separate quality pages from spam. For this reason, it pays to be aware of Google updates to stay on top of the game.

Here are three defining moments that changed the nature of SEO and online marketing in the last decade:

The Hummingbird Update

Even before this update, keyword stuffing was already dead. When Hummingbird came along, it was incinerated.

This update, which gave more emphasis on long-tail keywords instead of taking terms individually, made it easier to crack down on insubstantial content that just uses a lot of the same word.

It also added value to full question searches.

The Pigeon Update

Search Engine OptimizationA cleaning service based in Oregon isn’t much use to someone living in New York, now is it?

With the Pigeon update, Google made search rankings more location-specific to make sure people are matched with results they could actually use. This update was also great for local businesses trying to alert nearby clients to their products and services.

The search terms “best bakery” now automatically zooms into establishments in your vicinity, thanks to good old Pigeon.

The “Mobilegedon” Update

I don’t know about you, but mobile devices have pretty much taken over my life — and Google knows it.

“Mobilegedon” sounds silly, I know, but I’d have to say it’s extremely appropriate — since it pretty much gavesmartphones more power over people’s time. This update was responsible for giving major SEO plus points to websites that are mobile-friendly. Sites that were already mobile-friendly soared up while those that weren’t optimized took the cue and updated.

The world has “Mobilegedon” to blame for those sleepless nights browsing through article after article in bed on a smartphone.

Keep Your Website SEO Friendly

Google changes its algorithms quicker than you can say “search engine optimization.” When you’re running a business 24/7, you won’t always have the time of day to check online tools and services to see if your content is fully optimized.

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