Designing a Perfect Landing Page That Converts

We all look for certain things in a landing page.

Great visual presentation, quick loading times, and seamless navigation are all important for making a good impression on a user. However, conversion is a topic many people fail to consider.

Conversion optimization involves designing a page to turn viewers into subscribers or customers. By giving people the information they’re looking for and creating a user-friendly experience, anyone can turn page views into a dependable revenue stream.

How Much Does Written Content Matter?

According to Kissmetrics, sites that place great importance on conversion optimization can except to enjoy twice the amount of sales. Obviously, content is one of the main aspects of a landing page. Even if a page has a great visual presentation that catches a user’s attention, it is the content that keeps them around.

The way things are phrased and placed along a landing page don’t necessarily have a big impact on converting someone. The content itself matters the most — is the text essential? Does it tell the viewer what they want to know?

We’ve all visited webpages where it is hard to find the right information. Conversion optimization deals with knowing what the viewer is looking for and making it easy to find.

The Importance of Showing Over Telling

Sometimes something as simple as a small video presentation or a colorful graphic can be much more useful for conveying information than a paragraph of text.

Whether it’s showing off how a product works or illustrating a service in action, media can drive home a point in a quick and impactful manner. While it is good to have some text on the page, it is important to make sure a person isn’t overwhelmed by too much written content.

Using a Strong Call to Action

If we don’t tell people how to reach out to a business, they usually won’t bother. Having the right contact info and a strong message is key for helping a viewer reap the benefits of your goods and services.

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