Three SEO Basics That Never Change

With search engines using more complex algorithms each time it updates, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics are also changing rapidly. The SEO techniques you implement on your website today are very different from those used five years ago, and they will continue to evolve in the future.

Despite the continual changes, there are certain essential aspects of SEO that stand firm, and remain at the foundation of any optimization process. In this post, we take a look at three such immutable SEO concepts.

Keywords Do Matter

Keywords are a fundamental component on which search engine optimization techniques revolve around. Regardless of how advanced algorithms get, it can only index content on the basis of keywords that are searched. Keywords are used to communicate the purpose of your page and consequently match it to a consumers search query.

As such, you must ensure that keywords relevant to your content are effortlessly integrated well into the text. Ignoring keyword incorporation in your content, articles or blogs will make it more difficult to rank them as the chosen search engine will not be able to make an effective connection.

It is important, however, to avoid keyword saturation. Content must be easy to read and follow, catering to user experience and desires. Keywords must be strategically and effortlessly integrated rather than being focused on adding a high number of keywords. They must also match user intent using common terminology.

Good Content Matters Even More

Having relevant keywords throughout your content is important. But even more important is content that is unique, useful and informative that is both easy to read and engaging. Content is what will attract attention to your website and convert site visitors into loyal customers for your business.

Search engines value original, high quality content. It is one of the defining factors that separate top ranked websites from the rest. The most effective content is that which is optimized for search engines yet written for the searcher. Content is what brings people to your site and then keeps them interested.


Backlinks from other websites, especially from higher ranked ones, is another basic yet important aspect of SEO. Through quality backlinks, readers will naturally assign a higher value to a piece of content, and to your brand in general, as they associate you with other important people or businesses. In the same way, search engines will also add value to your website if they see a correlation with other highly ranked websites.

Many mistakenly believe they should incorporate as many backlinks as possible into their content; in reality, having a large number of backlinks from lower ranked websites can be detrimental. Low quality linking will cause search engines to associate your website with those ranked lower and ultimately become counterproductive in generating traffic and exposure.

Focus instead on the quality of backlinks rather than quantity. It is far better to have a smaller number of backlinks from reputable websites, than to weigh down your site with excessive linking. Effective links inform followers, and search engines, that your business and website are a trustworthy resource.

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