Google My Business Setup and Changes Made Easy

Google My Business is increasing in importance among companies that are hoping to acquire customers online. Most of Google’s users are mobile and are on the go looking for new sources of products and services. They’re interested in nearby businesses that have what they want and respond to their inquiries. Google My Business serves as a central hub for activity between Google’s customers and your business.

Local SEO is Essential

Getting customers who are searching for business types “near me” will lead to a high conversion rate. Most people use their smartphones to explore options and are looking for a vendor in the neighborhood. If they find your business listed in Google Maps or related properties, they are going to try you out.

Local Listing Optimization is the art of creating and maintaining local listings that get high rankings. It’s a matter of understanding the technical framework and the information architecture needed to please the search engine ranking algorithms. With the proper optimizations in place, your company will receive inbound calls and web visits on a steady basis. If you optimize your landing pages for conversions, you’ll be able to track all of the economic activity related to your local marketing.

Google Map Optimization Drives Conversions

If you manage a local area company and need help with Google My Business, contact us at 1 Source Media Group. Google has released some new features that are powerful for attracting new business. Whether you decide to tap into them yourself or want an outside agency to help, now is the ideal time to act.

For local companies, nothing is as essential for long-term success as establishing and maintaining optimized listings and updating Google My Business. That’s the best way to increase SEO results and to leverage the fast-growing mobile market.

Follow the Right Plan to Succeed

The proper way to get the most out of Google My Business is by following a few fundamental principles.

  • Make sure to get reviews and to respond to all of them.
  • Post updates to let your customers and prospects know what’s going on at your company.
  • Use the app on Android or iOS for easy management of your profile.
  • Use the instant messaging feature to speak with customers.

None of the factors are hard to manage, but they take time. If you don’t have enough of that already, it may be worth offloading the work to professional, passionate third-party professionals. Google is continually evolving, so it becomes a matter of keeping up with their constant changes to stay in the game.

Local SEO will remain at the forefront of revenue generation in the coming years. Nobody is searching for faraway vendors for the vast array of services and products that are available close to home. Serving them up with the best answers is Google’s job. With an amount of effort, your company can show up high in the listings. That way, you’ll get more than your share of the qualified visitors who search every day.