Being Remembered Matters….Use Vanity Phone Numbers to Make an Impression

Catchy jingles with 1-800 vanity numbers are a staple in TV and billboard advertising and have been for generations. But in the new digital world of inbound marketing and internet advertising, is there still a need for vanity numbers? The answer is yes, possibly now more than ever. In a recent study by RingBoost, online ads with vanity numbers outperformed those with generic numbers by 33%.Vanity numbers not only help push passive internet leads into active buyers, they also are a main way to differentiate your product in the crowded internet marketplace while establishing an authoritative brand identity, something that is only getting harder in the digital age.

Build Trust With a Vanity Number

Internet marketing is all about building your brand in order to build trust with your demographic. Marketers do this by creating incredible content and making it available for potential customers to use and digest, with the goal of building a relationship of trust and authority within an industry. But at some point, a passive reader of your content needs to actually convert into an active buyer, and getting someone out from behind the commitment-free computer screen and onto the phone with a salesperson can be a struggle. This is where a vanity phone number from can help. By incorporating your phone number into your marketing campaign, you are branching the gap between your marketing content and your sales team, and getting your audience comfortable with the idea of calling your office while they are still in the exploration phase of their buyer journey. If you use and market your vanity number the right way, your leads will already be familiar with your number when they are ready to take the next step, and anything that makes the conversion process easier will lead to a big payoff for your company.

Vanity Numbers Can Increase Brand Awareness

Another main challenge facing internet marketers is getting your brand to stand out from the competition, especially now that every company is online. It’s not enough to have a great product or service anymore; if you aren’t a company with the attractive, consistent brand that sticks in the mind of your target market, you will fall by the wayside. A vanity phone number is an easy way to help achieve this differentiation amongst your competition. A number like 1-800-DENTIST or 1-800-FLOWERS is powerful because it conveys the idea that you have authority in your industry. If a customer is debating between two companies offering the same service, and your company has an easy vanity number, you will probably win the competition when it comes time to make a phone call. A vanity number also says something about your customer service and brand identity. Having a a number that is easy to use and remember suggests that your company is user friendly and easy to work with: it also contributes towards a consistent and comprehensive brand image that your customers will trust.

At the end of the day, internet marketing requires making things as easy as possible for the customer and standing out as a unique, memorable brand. Vanity numbers help companies achieve both, which is why they will remain a marketing staple as we continue to move into the digital age.