Google Expanded Text Ads

Have you ever been frustrated with writing a text ad for Google Adwords? Google is rolling out Expanded Text Ads right now and by the end of January 2017 they will be the only way to display your ads on Google and Google Search partners. Advertisers testing this new offering have reported increases of up to 20% in click through rates. Meaning more business quicker than what you’re used to with Google Adwords. The new format will allow more space for the business description and a second headline. We highly recommend getting this going now so your business can stand out even more from your competition.

Direct quote from the Google Adwords Team – “With expanded text ads, you have 50% more space to tell people about your business. Based on early testing, some advertisers have reported increases in clickthrough rates of up to 20%.” 

To get started with expanded text ads Google has created a best practices guide for you.  If you have any questions about this please contact us at 1 Source Media Group by calling (702) 978-7722, thank you for reading!