Your Business Needs More Than Just SEO or Just Pay Per Click

If you work in the online marketing world you can agree that it is hard to keep up with the ever changing landscape.  Back just a few years ago it was as simple as changing a title tag to gain a first page ranking.  Today if done correctly agencies are spending 40+ hours monthly for a local client to get ranked on page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Online marketing sales people are continuously arguing which type of online marketing is most effective.  At 1 Source Media Group we feel it is important for all businesses to have a presence all over the web.  Some examples being a first page ranking on Google in both the sponsored and organic listings.  A video ad that plays all over You Tube sharing your most influential business information.  Don’t forgot about social channels like facebook and twitter.  Is social important for all types of businesses?  Yes to be seen, but not necessary a full social media push.

There is a good starting point for every business out there, just make sure you choose an agency that can cover you everywhere online.  Be in front of your audience as much as possible but make sure to deliver the right message.  In other words give us what we want!