Why Google Rewrites Page Titles For SEO

You may have noticed that Google has a tendency to change the title of web pages when they are displayed on a search engine results page. While this may be confusing and frustrating initially, it is not done without reason and yet the question arises as to why Google chooses to rewrite page titles.

User First Policy

Google’s primary purpose has always been to provide the best results for the user. Everything else, including website owners and SEO’s, is secondary. Each development Google produces is done so to ensure that its searchers are given the most useful links to most closely match and meet their needs and expectations. Only by consistently fulfilling this role is Google able to remain relevant and maintain its position as the top search engine. By grasping complete understanding of this concept, you will better be able to understand why it is that Google chooses to change the titles of web pages in its search engine results page. It is done with the sole intent of better serving its users.

When Google sees that a webpage contains content that is useful to users, but lacks a page title that adequately corresponds, it will change the page title in the results page so that the user is more likely to click the link and visit the site. Google’s policy of changing page titles might end up benefiting website owners, however, it would still be advantageous to create page titles that will not be automatically changed by Google.

3 Ways You Can Stop Google From Rewriting Your Page Titles

Stay Away From Keyword Stuffing:  People often gravitate towards the bad habit of stuffing page titles with keywords. For example, a title, ’Best Hard Disk Maintenance, Hard Disk Recovery, & Hard Disk Protection Tips’ is obviously heavy on keywords. When Google comes across such titles, there is an increased possibility of it changing the title or even be penalized. Instead, focus on page titles that comprised of anchor text that will make sense to users and their search.

Never Make The Title Too Short:  Web pages with shorter page titles also run the risk of having their titles rewritten by Google. Typically, Google displays the first 60 characters of a title tag in a search engine results page. So, if your title is short, specifically if it does not even meet 60 characters, Google will add in extra words and create a new title altogether. By simply being mindful that your page title is greater than 60 characters in length you might be able to avoid having your page title rewritten.

Avoid Branded Titles: Many businesses feel a need to add the name of their website to every title page. Branding the homepage title with the website name is good enough; if every single webpage title has the name of your website, there is a good chance that Google will either remove the website name from the title or rewrite the title in its entirety.

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