Google Search Ranking: Update Flutters on April 28th, 29th

The search engine ranking system used by Google was most likely updated on April 28th and 29th, according to some industry watchers who monitor changes in SEO results. The tools and methods used display the common signs that one can expect to see during an update. However, there is also some complicating evidence that should be taken into consideration. For example, the Google Analytics system also faced an issue at around the same time period. This could make the assumption of an update premature, but there is plenty of speculation already circulating about the possibility of an SEO update.

According to some of the comments posted at Webmaster World, there was a sudden change in the ranking order of what would normally be considered spam sites. They ended up high on the search engine results page, or SERP. This generates suspicion of a Google update for SEO especially because the person posting the comment also experienced a concomitant loss of ranking. Other comments added to the level of chatter. One poster speculated that Google is still apparently unable to detect sites that have been poorly repurposed with rehashed, plagiarized content placed in random order. Another mentioned that the entire reshuffling of page ranking order was restored only within a few hours after the dismaying event.

SEO Optimization, Website Traffic

Whenever SEO optimization and website traffic algorithms change, users notice immediately. Users who experience a sudden drop in page rankings face the prospect of losing whatever hard-won edge they had on the search results page. One comment mentioned that this experience made it seem as if an entire domain was facing punitive measures by the powerful search engine. Even after it appeared that the system was restored to the previous condition, the losses incurred were still felt. However, certain pages did recover their ranking, which added to the sense of confusion and resentment.

There are occasional users who made a point to notice any positive outcomes of this apparent update. For example, one user mentioned that they noticed a significant increase in traffic. After observing a 10 to 15 percent increase in the number of visitors directed to the page, the general sense was hopefully optimistic. However, additional monitoring is clearly indicated by the event, which continued to generate wild speculation about the cause of the reshuffling.

SEO Results and Monitoring

This was an unusual kind of reshuffling because things returned back to what was considered to be normal relatively quickly. This was viewed as abnormally fast, which could indicate more of a glitch than an update. The chatter online seemed to divide on these two issues. Confusion became likely whenever actual changes were present but were perceived as a bug or glitch within the Google Analytics system.

A series of search engine ranking charts gave users a data set to consider when making these conjectures. The tracking tools used were able to chart the changes that occurred during that previous 30-day period. The Webmaster World forum continues to host this discussion. Additional comments are welcome, and they can be posted about any of the perceived changes or improvements in search engine ranking or overall SEO results.