Website Development in 2016 and Beyond

Website Development and Evolution

Keeping pace with technology and enhanced development tools contributes to the speed of website development and performance of the site. Photoshop Design Files (PSD) are very useful for creating images on websites, once transformed to HTML5 content. Transforming PSDs to HTML5 utilizing tools such as Bootstrap is an essential skill that enables website developers to create attractive, responsive website presentations.

Bootstrap is a powerful methodology for developers that adapts to the user’s device, including tablets and smartphones. As new devices become available, tools and developer skills must keep pace with trends to provide clients with scalable websites that continue to provide peak performance, incorporate best practices for search engine optimization (SEO), and present a striking visual experience.

Staying current and on top of the latest design and development tools and techniques is the best way to ensure a high-quality website experience for customers with the assurance that reliability and performance will meet or exceed expectations. It also speeds development time for delivery of quality websites.

Keeping Your Website Relevant – Website Updates

Your business evolves, technology evolves at a rapid pace, and your customers’ needs and expectations are certainly evolving, as well. It’s critical that your website remain relevant to attract customers, and to provide effective interaction with the many devices your customers use to access your website.

This makes it important to revisit your website design and content at least annually, to make sure you communicate your products or services effectively and provide the latest information available to your customers or clients.

Maximizing the Value of Website Development

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