1 Source Media Groups Competitive Advantage

It is the 1 Source Media Group’s unique ability to combine all variations of Internet Marketing that gives us a true competitive advantage.

One example is most companies view web design as a one stop production – meaning the web designer comes up with the entire site & sets it up for SEO. We use a 3 pronged approach:  First our Web Designer will come up with layout and color schemes that match your business’ current state while incorporating the future direction of your company.  Next we pass it on to our Advertising Specialist who will work with you as far as coming up with marketing concepts & ideas as slogans, phone # placement & so on. Finally our SEO team goes in and completes the site by performing all of the on-site SEO.

Internet Marketing has quickly become a complicated venture for business owners who are not already internet marketing experts. Between big companies like AT&T and Reach Local sending out under-trained Sales Reps (and nitche products that are designed to give you a small return on investment if any); unscrupulous internet scams & independent SEO firms who do not have the marketing background to assist in the analyzing of marketing information to improve Conversions Rates.  1 Source Media Group is the truest solution in this space that we complete the entire circle.  At the end of the day you need a group that is going to be able to accurately advise you on where to invest your marketing budget online that is going to drive your business toward the goals we set. Through our state of the art tracking system we will be able to monitor & continually improve our results. We are also here to protect you from internet scams when you call us we do not want you to think you are calling 1 Source Media Group but your very own internet Marketing Department. We believe in short term contracts & long term relationships.

Most companies just talk about getting up on google, I’m not saying that isn’t important but it is only one small piece of a successful local digital foot print. It is the relationship between being up on google for the appropriate keywords that best matches your target market. Monitoring the traffic vs phone call ratio to ensure that our marketing message also matches your clients needs & wants. As well we connect the dots into the social media world by following up with facebook fan requests for new clients to supercharge your referral base; manage your online reputation on Yelp and other review sites; and optimize YouTube videos that assist your clients in either choosing you or assisting them (how to use your product) to increase overall customer satisfaction. These are the intangibles that separate 1 Source Media Group from every other company in our industry.  More importantly it is these intangibles that not only give you a strong local digital foot print but connect the dots to fulfill you business goals.  Until recently this technology was only available to companies that have their own Internet Marketing Department and spend in excess of a $250,000 a year.  This is where we feel the proudest, we are able to deliver highly evolved marketing concepts at a fraction of the cost of your larger competitors, delivering to you the technology to compete in the local market with those larger competitors which hasn’t been able to be done before.

With our sophisticated Call Tracking system the days of not knowing if your marketing is profitable for your business are all but over. We can track everything online as well as offline with call tracking phone #’s that record your clients conversations for you to review for quality and training purposes but more importantly you will be able to hear for yourself that your marketing dollars are being invested wisely.