Google My Business Attributes: Building a Stronger Online Presence

Building a robust online presence is no longer optional. Even local businesses that rely on foot traffic to their physical location must be findable through a Google search. The good news is that creating a Google My Business page provides you with the means to capitalize on local search trends and appear on relevant SERPs.

However, too many business owners create a barebones page. They might list their business name, hours of operation, and address, but leave everything else blank. That’s the wrong path to take. The more information you can provide people searching the local area for businesses like yours, the more chances you have to stand out from the pack.

One simple solution to the challenge of building a robust online presence and finding ways to stand out from competitors is to add or edit your Google My Business attributes.

What Are Attributes?

Attributes are qualities, characteristics, and good things to know about a business. For instance, if you’re open 24 hours, that would be an attribute worth knowing for your audience. Really, these are just things that help searchers understand more about your business.

Why Do Attributes Matter?

Why should you worry about adding or editing your Google My Business attributes? There are plenty of reasons, and they apply across virtually all industries. Some of the most compelling reasons include the following:

• To provide important, business-related information to your audience, such as variations in hours, specialties, and more.

• To provide information that sets you apart from others, such as being a Black-owned or woman-owned business.

• To provide information about the types of payment accepted at your location (cash, checks, specific credit cards, cryptocurrency, etc.).

• To provide details that your customers/visitors might want to know when deciding on visiting your place of business, such as Wi-Fi provided, the presence of outdoor seating, or proximity to public transit or area points of interest.

Self-Added vs. Public Added

Understand that you can add many attributes to your Google My Business profile on your own. However, many of them rely on the input of your customers. Also, some attributes are only available with specific types of location, or in specific regions or countries.

While you (the business owner or GMB page manager) may not be able to add some attributes, it may be possible to edit those that have been added by your customers. It’s important to check your profile page regularly to ensure that all the listed attributes are accurate. It is not uncommon for customers to add attributes in an attempt to be helpful, but supply only partially accurate information.

How to Add or Edit Attributes in Your Google My Business Profile

Understand there are three ways to add or edit GMB page attributes – via a computer, on an Apple device (iPhone or iPad), or with an Android device. Each type of device requires slightly different steps. The simplest method is to add/edit attributes from your computer.

1. Sign in to your GMB account.
2. Choose ‘info’ from the menu.
3. Find the tag labeled “from the business’ and then click on the edit icon.
4. Search for the desired attributes, or browse the available options.
5. Click apply.

Need a Helping Hand?

Managing your Google My Business page can be challenging. Thankfully, there’s help available. At Source Media Group, we’ve worked with clients across industries and of all sizes to establish a robust online presence, and we can do the same for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation on your needs, learn more about Google My Business, or discuss our services.