6 Indisputable SEO Advantages Of Responsive Web Design To Reap

Responsive web designs are nothing new.

But, the benefits and uses for them are continuing to evolve.

With a responsive design, you won’t have to separate mobile from PC. Anyone can look at a site from anywhere without issue.

You already know this, but did you also know that responsive web designs can boost your SEO?

We didn’t think so.

Luckily, we can help you exploit the benefits of responsive designs and give your SEO a pick-me-up in the process.

Here Are Six Indisputable Reasons To Use Responsive Designs Now

The responsive design was commercialized in 2012, but it started back in 2001 when the first adaptable layout was released, according to Wikipedia. Since it’s inception, responsive designs have benefited industries from all spectrums here’s why more sites are using them:

  1. Google Demands It

If your site cannot be read, the user suffers a miserable experience. In return, Google lowers your ranking.

See what Google says about mobile-friendly sites and search results. If you don’t have a mobile-ready site (i.e. responsive design), you will notice your page lowers in the SERPs.

  1. You Don’t Risk Duplicity

Search engines have a pet-peeve about duplicate content (says the pros at Moz) and it is hard for them to determine which page of your duplicate content they should share with the rest of the world. By creating a separate mobile website, you risk having duplicate content. An RWD eliminates the need for separate sites.

  1. Your Links Are Undoubtedly Stronger

SEO managers still use link building to boost sites. Naturally, you still must connect to high-ranking, trustworthy sites. But, if you don’t have a responsive design, you’ll lose the backlinks you’ve worked so hard to create.

  1. You’ll Reduce Bounce Rates

More internet users today are using mobile devices. According to SmartInsights, PCs and laptops are still popular devices of choice, but 80 percent of the devices used to access the internet are smartphones.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll experience higher bounce rates. In return, search engines will assume you aren’t relevant and drop you in the SERPs.

  1. Your Page Load Times Are Faster

Google ranks sites based on how fast their pages load, according to Moz. A responsive design can load quicker than traditional redirects to URLs.

  1. Improved Mobile Search Rankings

Google has already stated that they prefer RWDs, according to SearchEngineLand. Your mobile ranking depends on your use of RWD. While they won’t penalize you for bad HTML, Google will penalize you for wasting resources, so go with an RWD to avoid such penalties.

Improve Your Ranks And User Experience – Contact The Pros In SEO In Las Vegas

You can stay in the good graces of the almighty Google and still provide users with a fantastic website.

At 1 Source Media Group, we’re here to offer up customized responsive web designs, improved SEO rankings, and complete web development. We can tailor a site that suits the mobile and PC user alike, all while enhancing your ranking in the SERPs.

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