6 Strategic SEO Tips From the Experts to Get Massive Traffic in 2018

Traffic is a key by-product of successful SEO efforts providing a positive and profitable return-on-investment. In all reality, a site without consistent quality traffic is one that is likely not visible, much less producing leads or generating sales. A primary focus of SEO is to optimize content so as to increase the quantity and quality of website traffic. However, this is easier said than done considering the constant changes in ranking factors and techniques.

Fast changing search engine algorithms and increasing competition means that getting profitable traffic can become more complicated, but with the focused direction you can make it easier to generate significant website traffic this year.

Video Marketing

If you have mostly focused on written content up to this point, you should consider a slight shift in focus and expand your efforts into video content as well. Video content is continually growing in popularity and for many demographics even surpasses written content in terms of engagement and the extent of its reach. Video creates significant potential for attracting and maintaining the attention of any site visitor. Neglecting to post video content in this day and age is passing up on the possibility of increased traffic. Video can easily be used on its own or combined with written content; either way video improves upon shallow, superficial content that might be doing little for your SEO efforts.

Longer Content

Many websites publish short articles with average word counts of 500 words or less. While this is not a bad SEO practice, focusing primarily on short articles is short sighting your marketing efforts. Google seems to prefer longer content and with continually changing standards on quality, longer content provides you a greater opportunity for ranking.  Extending efforts in regards to content length can be done by integrating various forms of content into one post such as text, video, images charts, info-graphics, and linking. Putting forth multi-faceted content will help you to capture readers’ attention and keep them engaged helping you to improve rankings and attract more traffic in 2018 and years to come.

Refocus Any “Near The Top” Ranked Posts

Your site’s blog likely contains a number of posts that have ranked near the top of a search engine results page with the potential of being ranked at the top after some refocused attention. These posts are key places to concentrate efforts in order to fully optimize content. Taking some time to do some more in-depth research and reworking content into more comprehensive information with updated details will extend the reach of good posts making them great for ranking. Adding Meta descriptions, length and key phrases along with researching changes that will make them more appealing to search engines will take these posts from near the top ranking to top ranking.

Topic Vs. Keyword

In the past, excessive SEO importance was given to keywords over the actual topic of the post. While this strategy was once aligned with Google algorithms, the new Hummingbird algorithm has changed the world of SEO leading website owners and digital marketers to shift their focus to the actual topic of the piece. Through the Hummingbird algorithm, Google can know understand and identify topics by looking into LSI keywords. Google now picks up on the topic of your post through closely associated keywords. Make sure that any piece you post contains the sought after, useful and relevant information that users are searching for and will bring visitors back to your website.

Multi-Faceted Optimization

One of the greatest things you can do when building your website is to ensure that it is optimized to meet multiple demands. For example, a crucial form of optimization in this day and age involves mobile devices. You must be sure that your website can easily be viewed and navigated regardless of the type of device used. A mobile friendly website will not only meet the needs of the vast majority of Internet users, but it will also rank better with Google’s mobile first index. Another area in which few website owners put forth optimized efforts is voice search. According to recent estimates, one out of every five searches on Google is requested through voice search and this will likely increase in 2018 and years to come. Optimizing your site to fit the needs and search methods of users will go a long ways in creating traffic.

Make Your Site Load Faster

Fast loading times is crucial for converting traffic. A site that takes a long time to load is less likely to hold the attention of site visitors. You may generate traffic, but you won’t be able to hold user attention, which could cost you future traffic or potential sales. A fast-loading website delivers the information a user is searching for quicker meeting their needs more effectively.

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