Dominate your local internet market with a custom digital advertising solution

Gaining a strong presence on the internet can seem like a daunting task. When you are constantly bombarded by niche market solutions that do not take your business into account. Your business needs a custom internet marketing solution that allows you to replicate the unique and intricacies that makes your business yours.

First step starts with a website design that highlights your competitive advantages while focusing on strategic calls to action while encompassing an elegant layout that is designed with your core demographic in mind. This is how you introduce yourself to a prospective client you want the representation to accurately reflect your business.

Next you need an internet marketing strategy that reflects they type of business you are as well as your core demographics. There are many great benefits to internet marketing but the ability to strategically micro target your core demographic might be the greatest! No other form of marketing can do this and the best part about it is everything is trackable so your results almost always improve over time which is the exact opposite of other traditional media advertising that tends to do the opposite of ads except for the impact that is created by brand awareness, but most small and mid sized businesses never market enough to actually create this brand awareness. Where Internet Marketing can create brand awareness within you core demographics through strategic Banner Ad placements, Video Sponsored Ads, Re-marketing to prospects who have visited your site, thought provoking info share on social media networks, and of course showing up in Google for all of the core terms that prospects would search for regarding your products and services.

Tracking your results is the next step that allows you to see how well your marketing is working. Most traditional media don’t offer tracking so you are left with a hope and a prayer, and if they do offer tracking it is skewed and unspecific which often leads to a misrepresentation of the results. Example is some call tracking numbers that don’t show you who called. You can not eliminate sales solicitation from these results and sometimes that is the bulk of what you may be getting. The best part of the ability to track your Digital advertising program is the ability to micro target and continually improve your overall results. I would love to call this the wave of the future but it is already here and so many business owners are still under the belief that Internet Marketing wont work for their business because they may have tried a niche product that wasn’t designed specifically for their business interests. Those solutions are typically cheap and don’t work. A complete Digital Advertising Solution is not cheap it can range from $2000 to $5000 per month, but it is worth it and that is where the decisions needs to come from.

1 Source Media Group offers complete digital advertising solutions here in Las Vegas and the entire South West. We offer competitive starter packages that allows you to grow into a complete Internet Marketing Program. We believe in meeting you where you are at and helping you grow your business from there. When you partner with 1 Source Media Group you have taken on a true partner who will strategically grow your business.