Facebook Business Profile Mistakes to Avoid

Facebook has become an important medium for businesses to reach their current client base and increase their relationships to improve referral business. However many business are desperate to create fans and often choose to hire companies who are committed to creating fans out of thin air not only does this not help their business it actually can hurt.

Let’s first look at the the goals of having a successful social media marketing campaign. The truest goal for a business to is to improve their current relationship with their client bases while stimulating them with attractive promotions and additional value added services to increase your referral business. I have been in the marketing industry for over 15 years and the number 1 lead source of any successful business that I have met is referral business. Facebook really allows you to supercharge your efforts in this area when done right. This is where the confusion begins for businesses.

Doing it right takes a multi directional approach that first needs to stimulate fan growth. Current clients that will follow your page and even interact with it when the material is relatable and of interest to current client. Amazingly this step seems to be skipped by most businesses. I continually see businesses develop a fan page, consistently posting news and info about business and even special offers. Not to become to philosophical but if a tree falls in the forest will anyone hear it. In this case the answer is a resounding No, if you do not have fans no one will hear your message, no one will take advantage of your special offers and most importantly no one will refer your services to their friends and family.

So why do so many businesses sign up for social media services that does not include this important part. From what I can tell is they simply don’t know any better. Some intent Marketing companies will even convince their clients to let them create fans for them,(fake fans never refer business either). It is critical to gain fans that are actual clients and know the value of your services so they can vouch for(refer) you new business. I recently lost an account for this specific reason. I was able to get them over 200 real customers to follow them, my client wanted more. Being honest with him I told him we will continue to add more fans as we go but at least these are your clients. Now he has over 2,000 fans (1800 fake made up profiles to be fans). For the life of me I can not understand why a business owner would want fake fans listed as fans on their Facebook page, especially when most average user can tell they are fake. It is like buying friends, our the one always paying and now everyone can even tell you are doing it. To me it comes off as desperate, unprofessional, and fraudulent. I highly suggest avoiding this strategy unless seeing you Facebook page this a lot of fans no matter what was the goal.

Let’s take it one step further and talk about the companies that will sell this strategy. The feed on businesses owners desperate desire to see their business in lights and take advantage of the lack of knowledge most business owners have. In simple terms it is a scam and you should find a company that will look out for your business. I know it is hard to believe but they are out their, heck I believe 1 Source Media Group is one of those companies.