What Do People Really Want From Brands On Social Media?

When everyone, and literally their grandmothers, was rushing to social media to create profiles, businesses and corporations did as well. They understood the value of connecting with consumers through the explosive social media trend.  Social media in a sense has redefined the ways that the consumer and the brand interact with each other, leaving the pressure to stay relevant, interesting, and engaging.

How does a brand maintain their carefully crafted social media image and remain intriguing, while not compromising on their identity and on top of it all profit? Do they take the time to respond to all comments, tweets, or posts they’re tagged in?

What content should they post and how do they find the balance between professional and fun? What is the purpose of a brand’s social media presence and what do their followers demand from them?

With little effort, any brand can create social media profiles on popular forums such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. However, a simple profile is not what connects brands and consumers. The key to a successful social media strategy is to discover what people want from you company, what will allow you to interact with your followers in a meaningful way and allow you to continue generating attention.

They Want To Interact With The Brand & Feel Important

People want to feel connected to the brands they trust or have interest in. Social media provides unique ways for companies to show customers how important their business is. It further encourages/requires brands to uphold a dedication to customer service. A study by Sprout Social found that consumers want brands to be honest, friendly and helpful before anything else…all qualities that are highly sought after from a business in any capacity.

For many brands, the rise in social media became uncomfortable as it opened the door for public opinions and criticism, both positive and negative. Losing the ability to quietly ignore negative communication being sent to or communicated about them created an added pressure. A lack of connection or commitment in customer service through social platforms can lead consumers to feel disrespected and under-appreciated.

Social media has proven to be an efficient way to positively interact with customers and at the same token has created an efficient means for addressing get your message out when such an issue arises. Social media should be used to create personal relationships with customers and showcase everything your brand is about.

They Want Information On How To Better Use Your Product Or Service

Social further provides a unique way to share product, service or related information. You can use it to explain how to use your online service, promote news about new items, or even share what has helped solve common problems.

Communication through social media allows you to discuss your product or service with your target audience. Sharing information at any capacity will likely encourage people to stay connected to your brand. Responding to customer concerns, questions and comments also becomes easier to accomplish through social media; publicly addressing one customer’s concern will also answer another’s question making customer service more efficient without excessive effort.

Through social media you can provide interesting content that is easily accessible and sure to peak the interest of many. GoPro, for example, has expertly showcased their product through their YouTube channel. They have gained a significant amount of subscribers by simply sharing incredible footage taken with their products.

They Want To Be Entertained and Engaged

Social media is becoming one of the biggest entertainment outlets around due to the option of sharing. As such, it provides a great way to express the personality and attitude you would like associated with your brand. Remaining honest, friendly and helpful are a good foundation in keeping followers entertained and engaged.

Adding a touch of humor is typically welcomed as it provides entertainment value, but it is important to stay true to your company values and purpose. Use humor when appropriate and in appropriate ways so to attract attention, not turn people away.

Many businesses prefer to keep their content professional in order to avoid the possibility of upsetting potential customers. Maintaining professionalism is important, but you must engage your audience or you run the risk of your message will get lost in the mix.A key component of a social media strategy should be to find the optimal balance of professionalism and entertainment.

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