Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Taking Advantage of These Facebook Updates

Facebook is one incredible powerhouse.

It brings new clients to your business, builds your brand’s reputation, and helps your business make money.

So, why are you not using the latest social media updates to your advantage?

These recent updates are ripe for the picking. They are full of endless opportunities, but only if you use them correctly.

Here are just a few stats to chew on while thinking about whether you will pounce on the new updates to the social media giant:

  1. On a global scale, 38.6% of the population uses Facebook.
  2. Each day, Facebook estimates they have 1.083 billion active daily users.
  3. Adding a CTA button to your company profile increases the click-through rate by 2.85 times.

3 Facebook Updates Rich in Social Media Optimization Opportunities

Video for Social Media Optimization

Right now, videos earn the highest rate of engagement on Facebook, but only 3% of companies use them for their social media content.

Now, Facebook is revamping their videos to make them flexible and offer richer content. What does that mean for your videos?

  1. You will have videos that automatically play with the sound.
  2. You can upload vertical videos for your mobile users — and you should consider it with so many Facebook users visiting on mobile phones.
  3. Users can watch your video and still scroll through their feeds.

Facebook Adds Virtual Reality

Immerse your audiences in visual content via VR. While not everyone has VR capabilities, the lowering costs of VR technology mean more consumers will very soon. So, start using the Facebook 360 options for photos and utilize the scenic setting to attract VR-savvy consumers.

More Options to Encourage Conversions

Facebook is loosening their restrictions, so now you can highlight your promotions with ease, have Facebook-exclusive discounts, and more. While you can still use email and your website to send incentives, do not ignore the value of Facebook offers, too.

Take advantage of the latest Facebook updates by hiring a company that knows social media. Schedule your consultation with 1 Source Media Group today at 702-840-5000 or request a quote online.