Fact Or Fiction: Basic SEO Ideas

When SEO first took off, basic ideas, tricks and techniques were used to get ranking on search results. In those days, Google’s algorithm was not as refined and complex as what we have today. Google has since advanced making some basic SEO ideas not as effective as they once were. Other core SEO tactics are just as effective however and important basics to incorporate into any SEO strategy.

FACT: Content Is Crucial

While many SEO tactics change and evolve, the importance of quality SEO content remains a crucial component of a successful SEO marketing campaign. Quality, optimized content makes arguably one of the biggest impacts in generating site traffic and improving search engine rankings. Some forms of content are more effective than others, but content remains a crucial aspect of effective SEO strategies.

FACT: On-Page SEO Is Important

Optimizing each page of your website is extremely important for increasing rankings. Building effective on-page SEO requires coding, keywords, content and structure that will generate traffic and earn a higher position on search results. Successful on-page SEO will create a website that delivers both a good user experience and garners attention from search engines.

FICTION: Quantity Over Quality Of Links

There is no doubt that both internal and external links are important components of an SEO strategy. The effectiveness of your site’s backlinks is based off the quality of the links not on the quantity. Getting in as many links as possible will not hurt your ranking position more than help it. Focus more on building pages with productive, relevant links and less on the number of links in your content.

FICTION: Keyword Saturated Content Is Key

With the hope of attracting greater search engine attention, content is often over saturated with keywords. The reality is that content with a high keyword density will not result in higher rankings; it only results in text that is difficult to read. Content should be written with simple and effortless keyword integration while keeping the reader in mind. Using strategically incorporated long-tail keywords instead of incessant short-tail keyword mentions will prove more effective in outranking competition.

FACT: SEO Success Takes Time

Successful SEO is best compared to running a marathon: it requires continual ongoing effort. Progress can be seen quickly, but achieving and maintaining rankings that requires time, especially if you are in a market with high competition. Remaining consistent and persistent with your SEO strategy will both keep you in the game and get ahead of the game.

FICTION: Paying For SEO Services Isn’t Necessary

Designing, developing and managing a website is no easy task, especially not on top of running a business. Hiring an expert who understands SEO is just as important as hiring an expert for the design of your website.  A successful website requires more than eye-catching design; it requires optimized content that rank in search results and generate traffic. By hiring a digital agency to create and manage your SEO strategy you can save your business time and money; it can help you to avoid mistakes and instead put forth the most effective SEO campaign.


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