Google My Business Distance-Based Service Area Change

Google has made much-needed changes to Google My Business service areas that show up on companies’ profiles and on a Google map. Previously, companies utilizing the Google My Business platform were able to extend their service areas beyond their scope of service, making it extremely difficult for consumers to find the services for which they were searching.

By shifting from the former service area on the radius option to a more local SEO, Google has made consumers’ searches for companies that can provide the services for which they are seeking far more accurate. This change has also greatly benefitted companies utilizing Google My Business that provide services away from their physical location, as well as those companies that provide services in a much broader area.

This change to the platform will not change the appearance of a company’s profile or map ranking; however, it could possibly affect how many times a company’s listing appears in Google My Business search results. This, however, does not hurt the company’s chance of being discovered by consumers, as it has the option to increase its map ranking on a Google map by providing detailed, accurate information on its profile.

Service-area businesses’ locations will automatically be converted to the nearest named area to them, although they are offered the option to change the service area in their profile if the location provided is not accurate. So instead of simply using a radius range from a company’s place of business, it will now be required to more carefully consider their location area in their profiles, providing a more local SEO.

Google’s change to distance-based service area to a more localized location in businesses’ profiles was made in order to assist businesses and consumers alike to benefit from a far more accurate system, making Google My Business a much more reliable site for both. The use of Google Maps to locate businesses has all but replaced the need for a search engine, and Google rewards companies with a higher map ranking for complete, extremely detailed, and accurate profile. This not only benefits companies utilizing the Google My Business platform, but also the consumers who use it as well. While companies have the incentive to be found more easily via Google Maps, consumers will have a much more accurate description and location of a business and its services. So both consumers and businesses benenfit from this much-needed change.