What Links Can You Get That Comply With Google’s Standards?

For someone dedicated to SEO link building, there’s nothing worse than getting a Google penalty for a low-quality link. In addition to dragging the quality of your entire site down, a Google penalty can create a problem that’s difficult to identify and recover from.

Even if you’ve never experienced a Google penalty, you know it’s not something you want to deal with.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid penalties in the coming year. By understanding which links comply with Google’s link standards and pursuing them, you can safeguard your site and avoid penalties and their repercussions.

SEO Link Building 101: Which Links Google Loves

Today, Google has strict standards regarding links. According to Moz’s “Whiteboard Friday,” Google now prefers natural links, and people who build those are at less risk of having to worry about Google penalties.

Here are some examples of the links Google loves:

Ask Links

Ask links are links you ask family and friends for. For example, you could ask a friend with a prominent blog to mention and link to your blog, or ask an employee to mention that they work for your blog, and then provide a link to it.

While some people might say that ask links aren’t natural because you have to ask for them, Google sees it differently. According to the search engine, any link that vouches for your site is a good one, especially when the link comes without you giving its author anything in return.

Directory Links

Directory links are self-made links, but Google views them as high-quality. For a small business, links on directories like Yelp and Google Local can do fantastic things for a website. If you operate a niche business, don’t forget to look for local city directories or niche directories that pertain to your offerings.

Industry Links

If you work in an industry that has connections with vendors or other suppliers, your business might be listed on relevant web pages. Links in these types of list are especially high-quality since they’re relevant to your company and help point new business your way.

Brand Mention Links

If someone mentions your business and links to you, Google’s bound to love it. If you notice places where people are mentioning your business but not linking to you, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask them for a link.

Better Links Made for Better Pages

By understanding which links comply with Google’s standards, it’s easy to boost the quality of your site and avoid Google penalties all at once.

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