How Local SEO Has Changed Over the Years

While the internet has done amazing things for companies that benefit from a worldwide market, there are still many that only do business with local customers. This is why local SEO is so important. Let’s take a look at how it’s changed over the years to make sure you’re using up-to-date methods. If you’re currently not seeing the traffic you want, this could be the problem and our SEO company can help.

Updating Page Titles No Longer Works

Although it may be hard to believe, there was once a time – way back in the early 2000s – that simply updating the title of a webpage could catapult it to Google’s first page. This isn’t a service any SEO company should still be offering, though.

That being said, updating your meta-titles can be beneficial if doing so boosts their conversions. Google pays close attention to which results actually get people to click because they rightfully figure that this means the site is relevant. This is why good meta-titles and descriptions are still important.

Google My Business Is Essential to Ranking

If your company isn’t listed with Google My Business, don’t be surprised when the search engine Goliath stiffs you in rankings. Though it was just launched in 2014, Google My Business has already changed the world of local SEO and there’s likely a lot more to come in the near future.

Join with Google My Business today. It’s easy to do and will put you on Google’s map – literally and figuratively – right away. This opportunity is completely free, mobile-friendly and, obviously, Google is very fond of it.

Google Pigeon Gave New Power to Reviews

Local SEO changed in a big way on July 24th, 2014 when Google’s Pigeon Update was released. The biggest, most important of its changes was that review sites and local directories all of a sudden had a lot more power.

In short, this means you need to pay attention to how your company is portrayed on sites like:

  • Yelp
  • Google
  • Niche Review Sites

It’s not just the reviews that matter either. Citation sources – those that list your company’s name, address and phone number – need to be accurate as they affect local SEO results. Make it a priority to check in on these regularly and submit the correct information when necessary.

Don’t get caught using yesterday’s tactics to get local SEO results. Our SEO company understands what local rankings require and can help explain relevant methodologies and leverage them on your behalf. Contact us today to get started.