How To Manage Multiple GMB Listings For Service Area Businesses

Google My Business (GMB) is a valuable asset for any service area business (SAB) whether they have one service location or multiple locations. Listings in GMB can make an impact in improving online mapped visibility helping searches to easily find your service where they need it. While the benefit of Google My Business for any number location listings is undeniable, service area businesses looking to manage multiple listings can be faced with a more difficult process than those managing one single location.

Using the bulk syndication option of Google My Business can help SAB’s looking to manage multiple listings and take advantage of the large potential impact from optimized map pack visibility.

How To Improve Map Pack Visibility

Service area businesses, regardless of market, can strongly benefit from not only investing in local SEO, but by ensuring that their business appears in Google map results following a local search. With the ever increasing number of mobile searches and the fact that nearly one-third of mobile searches connected to location, appearing on Google Maps results is increasingly important for any SAB. Improving map pack visibility can produce substantial results in terms of generating traffic and attracting local business.

In order to improve the map pack visibility of your SAB, there are a couple key tactics to invest in including local landing pages and local listings. Employing both can help to ensure that Google not only displays your listings, but can also verify them.

– Local Landing Pages: Producing local landing pages for each service area listing, provides Google with a tangible method of validating your SAB location and in turn works to verify your GMB account for a service area business. In addition, local landing pages also provides clients with content specific to that location helping to enhance engagement and improve experience.

– Local Listings: Be sure that you have claimed any local business listing on Google My Business or other sites. You will need to verify the physical address of each location listed under your account. This can be done by a number of ways, but regardless you must make sure that all information is accurate and consistent with what is listed on your website or other third party directories. By verifying your listing, you provide proof and support to search engines that your SAB is established and allowing all listings to be managed under one account.

Tips For Optimizing And Managing Multiple GMB Listings

Investing time into managing Google My Business listings can lead to worthwhile results for any service area business. In addition to verifying local listings and incorporating local landing pages into your Local SEO strategy. Here are a few suggestions to help you make the most of your GMB listings:

  • In addition to verifying the physical address, making a few tweaks to optimize your GMB listing has the potential to greatly impact its local pack ranking and visibility. Geocode precision, addressing standardization, and reviewing for irregularities can make a significant difference. You want to make sure that the location and address offered on Google Maps matches up with the physical address on record with the post office. Be sure that your listing has all information a client would need including website address, physical address, and phone number.
  • It is also important adding to add listing categories to your GMB listing in order to accurately depict the category to which your listing belongs. Picking up right categories will help your business connect with more people. However, remember to avoid any broad categories as people usually avoid such wide definitions. Instead, go for highly specialized categories. This will give you the best chance of being contacted by interested prospects.
  • Consider adding in a detailed and accurate explanation of your business so that the people who check the listing know exactly what your business is all about.
  • Manage all GMB location listings under one centralized account. This allows for uniformity and maintains company consistency across all locations. This also allows the primary company management to maintain control regardless of individual location management. Access can be granted to others allowing them administration abilities without providing direct access to primary account information.
  • Create business accounts under your Google My Business main account for individual locations or sectors. This helps to maintain one primary account cover while separating individual locations. GMB even allows for mass edits to be made from the main account throughout all sub-accounts.
  • Maintain your website and stay current on any information. Just as you want to be sure that your Google Maps address matches up with your physical location address, you want to be sure that your website can support and complement your listing. This also includes staying up to date on any Google updates to ensure consistency across all mediums.

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