People Pay, Not Pageviews: Why People Leave Your Site Without Converting

In an age where a web presence can make or break an organization, being able to get more exposure for your site is great. More opportunities for people to see your site means there is a greater chance that those visitors will become paying customers.

But simply encouraging a lot of website traffic isn’t the best way to improve conversion rates. Many site owners are finding out that pageviews are good, but they don’t always translate into the sales numbers businesses need to survive and thrive.

Conversion rate optimization techniques can help anyone learn more about how their website can be improved and how they can turn visitors into repeat customers.

Why Pageviews Don’t Equate to Paying Customers

Most people visit at least a few different websites on a daily basis. Because of this, it is understandable that not every site they visit will result in a transaction. And given that so many websites are geared toward persuading users to stick around, it can be very difficult to convert users.

One of the main reasons that pageviews don’t always equate to paying customers is that the site itself may not be optimized correctly. Whether it is the design, the content, or a combination of the two, a site may not have the conversion rate optimization needed to hook viewers.

How Do You Know What to Change?

If your site is pulling in pageviews but not translating those into sales numbers, you may think that your marketing tactics have fallen short. But this isn’t necessarily the case. Most web-based marketing techniques are geared toward increasing visibility – but some do this in a different way.

Rather than simply promoting your site in search engines and hoping that a large amount of traffic translates into some number of paying customers, you can utilize analytics to know exactly what your users look for. Once you find out how engaged your users are, you can improve your site and make it more conducive to conversion.

Understanding What Your Viewers Want

When you are able to understand who is viewing your page, for how long, and for what reasons, you have a better chance of turning them into paying customers. Analytics tools can provide you with the insight needed to improve your site and optimize it for conversion. To find out more about conversion rate optimization, contact 1 Source Media Group today.