Social Media And SEO

Social media presence is more important than ever, not only for individuals, or celebrities even, but also for business owners. In a society centered on social media posts and shares, business owners are finding the benefit of including social media profiles in their SEO campaign. An increasing number of people use social media to find content and information, making an effectively managed social media presence even more important.

Why Is Social Media Good For SEO?

Social media is one of the fastest growing marketing resources available. Through a number of different platforms and outlets, people and businesses alike have benefitted from the additional exposure social media can provide. Social media has created a highly effective and profitable means of reaching target audiences. If celebrities can profit off social media, why shouldn’t businesses? Businesses of any nature have a lot to gain from increased interaction with their customers. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and other social media outlets have created a continually accessed means for engaging customers.

While a social media profile on its own is able to rank in search engine results, it will not, however, guarantee high ranking. So with that in mind, why is social media good for SEO? Social media is continually increasing in popularity and growing at a rapid rate; it’s only a matter of time before Google algorithms account for social media and social media posts in determining rankings. In the meantime, social can still provide a number of SEO benefits that are worth taking advantage of.

Social Media Produces Brand Exposure

Social media is an effective way of increasing brand awareness. It creates connections, attracts attention, and shares content all while spreading your brand through multiple outlets. Searching for a company by name will often produce links to the social channels offered.

Having a well-established social media strategy helps you create exposure for your company. An increasing number of people use social media over search engines to find additional information about a business or category. Social media can provide an effective method of attracting potential customers to your brand, and simultaneously allow you to develop enhanced interactions with current customers. An active and efficiently managed social media profile can drive significant traffic to your website.

Not all social media platforms are beneficial for marketing a business in your particular field however. An experienced SEO marketing agency such as 1 Source Media Group can provide your company with social media management services that will first focus on identifying and establishing profiles on the social media outlets that will most benefit your brand.

Social Media Extends The Reach Of Your Content

Simply having a Facebook page or a Twitter account carries the potential of listing in search engine results and attracting attention, but without strategic content to support that profile and maintain attention, they will not be effective in driving traffic to your website. People look to social media to get additional information and insight about what your business and specific field have to offer. Content is necessary to truly connect with your audience and to truly extend the reach of what you have to offer.

Simply posting is not what makes social media effective for SEO. Just as SEO requires quality content to be effective, so does social media. Efficient SEO and social media strategies are focused on quality of content rather than quantity. Having strategically relevant posts on your social media platform may not increase your search engine rank but it does pay off in the long run. Social media posts, such as direct links or blogs, should be catered to the interests of your target audience. Optimized social media posts with intentional hash tags and keyword incorporation are what gets shared and gets people talking.

People use social media to search for posts and information, just as they use search engines. Facebook isn’t Google, but the farther you are able to extend the reach of your content, the greater the potential of driving traffic and business to your site. Social media, in essence, provides a highly viewed method for executing SEO tactics.

Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

In order to increase the effectiveness of your social profiles, you need to make sure that each profile is optimized just as you would optimize your website. SEO tactics, including link building and strategically distributed content can be highly effective through a social media platform. While Google algorithms do not yet account for these factors in ranking, the day will surely come when they do. Taking the time to build quality social media profiles will greatly benefit your business in the long run. A digital agency, such as 1 Source Media Group, with an in-depth understanding of the unique relationship between SEO and social media management is the best method for providing your company with a comprehensive and far-reaching online presence that will keep you socially and digitally engaged with your target audience.