What is a Citation Source?

Today I was listening to Dana DiTomaso on a webinar hosted by SEOmoz.  I was very impressed by her knowledge of Local SEO and specially citation sources.   We all know about the most common places to list your businesses NAP or Name, Address + Phone Number like local directories but who wants to sit on a computer all day filling out directory forms?  I sure don’t and I don’t believe in automated directory sources as I hope you don’t either!  Let’s discuss where to find some unique places to add a citation for your local business.

Dana was talking about sponsoring a zoo animal!  How could that possible lead to a citation for your business?  After you sponsor a zoo animal you will be able to list your business details NAP within the zoo’s website.  Check with your local zoo to confirm details.  Another new source that I learned could work for our clients is  Check out this site to find out how to get your business details listed.

Bottom line is that the more times your business is listing with the correct NAP the higher your business will show in Google Map results.  Today this is known as Google+ Local but it changes ofter.  Google Places was recently replaced with Google+ Local.  Don’t forget to make sure your business NAP is identical on all citation sources.