What is an Internet Marketing Consultant?

An Internet Marketing Consultant is one who is verse in all venues of Internet marketing including SEO(Search Engine Optimization), PPC(Pay Per Click), SMM(Social Media Marketing), Local Listing Optimization, Website Design, Web Development, App Development, Email Marketing, E-commerce, Mobile Marketing, SEM, Banner Advertising, Re-marketing, Sponsored Video Marketing and Video Optimization.

An Internet Marketing Consultant uses their internet marketing expertise to help advise prospective businesses as to which internet marketing medians best fit their business, targeted client base and internet marketing goals.

They devise a marketing plan through strategic analysis of a business’s goals, target market and research applications.

Business goals are broken down into various metrics to gauge success.  The most common metrics are website traffic, listing impressions, e-commerce conversions, form submissions and phone call tracking.

Target markets are broken down into specific demographics such as age, ethnicity, gender, geo and socio-economics.  It is further broken down to profitability of products/services and aligning company identity with marketing goals.

Research applications used by internet marketing consultants are competitive analysis, keyword research, and targeted geographic.

An Internet Marketing Consultant will take the information gathered through their research analysis to design a custom internet marketing program that best fits the businesses needs.

After implementation of the internet marketing plan, the Internet Marketing Consultant then tracks the results of the program through the agreed metrics of success decided by with client.  With the information from tracking they are then able to recommend adjustments to program, add-ons and further fine tune their clients internet marketing plan to continually increase the results.