What to look for when working with a web design firm

Over the past few weeks we have ran into many problems working with local businesses that have purchased a website from other local and out of state vendors.  We want to address this to possibly help others that are looking for the right company for web design.

When you are getting a new website for your company make sure you receive all the files on a zip drive or some form of storage so you are not left in the dark if your web design company goes out of business.  If your website is built using a CMS like Drupal, Magento, Word Press, Joomla or a custom CMS make sure you have the administrator user name and password.  Original art work is also very important, this is your project so make sure you get all the goods!

We have an SEO client that purchased a Joomla site from a local las vegas web design firm and they were charged an additional $300 monthly to use the Joomla admin panel. Joomla is a free download and the admin panel is a simple to use system to make site changes and SEO updates to the titles etc.  We had to rebuild the entire site just because the web design firm would not help us.  It is so sad to see this type of work in the industry.  We find that it is usually a one person business working from home trying to make some money.

We encourage you to check with prior clients to see what kind of experience they had working with ABC Company.  Ask questions like how will I make changes in the future and get a spec sheet of everything that is included with your web design project.

If you need any help we are always here to help even if we are not getting your business.  We do not enjoy seeing people get ripped off and it seems to happen a lot in this space.  Best of luck with your new design project!  Call or email us if you need anything!