Why is Internet Marketing Essential to the Survival of Your Business?

Every business owner knows getting the word out about his or her company is important.  But, not all business owners realize how important it is to get the word out via the Internet.  Here’s why internet marketing isn’t just important, but is absolutely essential to the future survival of your business:  80% of all consumers look for the goods and services they need online first, before they even step through your doors.

In fact, by the time most people have walked through your business’s doors, they already know what they need and why your price is the best.  So, it would logically make the most sense you target people who are still in the research phase of the buying process.  After all, only 20% or so enter your business and then make a decision to buy.

Internet Marketing is Tougher Now than 10 Years Ago 

10 to 15 years ago, it was enough to simply have a website.  “Internet marketing” wasn’t really a term in common use, and in order to rank highly in the search engines then, you simply put the keyword on your page as much as possible, and then it climbed to the top of the rankings.

But, the game has changed dramatically since then.  If you follow that same process nowadays, not only will you not reach the top of Google’s rankings, but Google will penalize you and perhaps ban you from its results entirely!

Why Do You Need a Professional Company Handling Internet Marketing for You?

Internet marketing isn’t just tough…it’s complex.  You see, Google has an algorithm for ranking sites that it keeps totally secret, even from almost all of its employees.  The algorithm is composed of 200 to 300 factors, with 15,000 changes tested yearly, and about 200 or so of those getting implemented.  Publicly, you hear about 20 of those.  And, some of those changes can dramatically affect your website’s rankings.

How are you going to keep track of something changing so rapidly, when you don’t even know how it works in the first place?  The answer is you can’t, which is why the services of a company make sense.

How do Internet Marketing Companies Help?

By staying on top of all of Google’s changes, internet marketing companies know how to get your site ranking highly the fastest, and also in ways that Google likes.  If you upset Google, you may get banned from its rankings for years.  While Google makes many of the overarching rules, it’s hardly the only important aspect of internet marketing.  To be successful online, you absolutely need meaningful content for engaging customers, and slowly but surely, social media is becoming a necessity as well.

In addition to these absolutely necessary services, you might also need banner advertising, video marketing on YouTube, pay-per-click advertising, website/logo design, e-mail marketing, Google Places optimization, and much, much more to your advantage.  Each one of these specialties is a profession all in itself, which explains why you might need someone else to help with internet marketing.

You Simply Cannot do Internet Marketing on Your Own!

While you could do it on your own in the past, the fact is internet marketing is necessary for the future survival of your business, and it’s so complex that you need the help of a company if you are going to stand a chance against the competition.  You don’t need to have all of the services discussed yet, but the more of these you use effectively, the better off you are.