Why the Internet should be a Digital Representation of your Business

The internet has become the main lead source for millions of businesses today, yet many of the businesses who are generating Internet leads online are leaving the bulk of money on the table.  It is not entirely their fault.  They are constantly bombarded with different internet concepts and ideas from countless internet marketing providers.  Most with one commonality, that is to get you to pay an amount of money you are comfortable paying and then give you the least amount of service that you will accept for the money you are paying.  It is a difficult gauntlet to navigate through because most businesses have never met with a true Digital Marketing Consultant who could outline a complete marketing mix that would give their business what they actually need online.

How does a business know what they need online.  First is to look at online representation as a digital representation of your business and not simply a Marketing product.  Digital Representation is much more important to a business than most businesses even know.  The reality of this problem lies with niche internet marketing companies large and small who simply advise clients based on what they can provide instead of what a business actually needs.  This is happening for two reasons.

First is unprofessional and inexperience internet salespeople telling their clients they only need this product online and that will solve all of their problems.  These salespeople know this is not true but business owners as a group are very good buyers (the second reason) and corner their salespeople to get the best deal possible.  Salespeople in general are very good at recognizing this and simply sell the business what they are willing to buy.  Sounds pretty normal and good, so why is this a problem.

This is like being sick and calling Ms Cleo(the psychic) for a diagnosis.  The better solution would be to go see a doctor and have a host of test run and then implement the treatments that the doctor recommends.  The biggest problem currently is that a business owner does not know if they are speaking to Ms Cleo or an actual Doctor.  This is the main reason why I believe this industry needs to be licensed so that business owners would at least know they are speaking to a doctor and not a psychic.

As a general rule if you want the most out of your business you need to have a complete online marketing mix.  Looking at the internet as a Digital Representation of your business is step one.  Its like when you opened your business, i bet you got a computer, and a fax machine, a sign for your window, a cash register, a desk, chairs, pictures for the wall, counters, telephone, and much much more.  The digital side of your business needs this type of attention as well.  You need a website, a Local listing,  Pay per click ad budget, a Facebook business fan page, a twitter account, a youtube channel, remarking, reputation management, sponsored video ads, and much much more.  The biggest difference in the digital world is this mix will be profitable on its own merit and assist you in building your business to the heights that you envisioned when you started your business.