Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Bigger Breakpoints in Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is becoming a more popular topic, and more organizations are optimizing their content for websites on a variety of devices. While some devices are more popular than others, some are neglected.

Websites for mobile devices and tablets are becoming the norm, with larger resolutions becoming less common. But in the event that users do view a site on a larger monitor, it is important to make sure that the site looks good.

Ignoring the bigger breakpoints in responsive web design can cause your site to have an awkward appearance when it is viewed on larger monitors. This can turn users off from sticking around and cause you to lose out on user interaction and business.

Why Are Larger Resolutions Often Neglected?

It’s no secret that technology has taken a turn toward mobile-centric web design. In fact, most businesses now rely heavily on mobile sites and web design geared for smaller screens to help attract users in the fast-paced market.

Given that desktops are now taking a secondary role to mobile devices and other platforms with smaller screens, it is easy to see how desktops with larger-than-normal screens may be forgotten about. But these types of larger resolutions are still used. Though they are featured less prominently than others, one shouldn’t ignore them.

What Happens if Bigger Breakpoints are Ignored?

Website design determines how the finished product will look at a given resolution. Not only does this mean that a site may be better viewed on screens of certain sizes, it also means that the readability of your site can be affected on other resolutions.

For example, a site that is designed for smaller screens may appear with bars around the edges on a larger monitor. Likewise, the text may appear smaller and can be difficult to read. This could lead to a person who prefers larger monitors and resolutions being turned off from using your site in the future.

Responsive web design is all about creating a great experience for the user, regardless of what type of screen they prefer. When you optimize your website to account for bigger breakpoints, you ensure your content will speak for itself without being limited by technical issues.

Find Out More About Website Breakpoints

Creating a website that can be viewed at multiple resolutions is important for giving every user a good experience. For more information, contact 1 Source Media Group.