Google Posts Have Arrived for Google My Business Listings

Businesses that use the Google My Business (GMB) platform have a new tool available for connecting with potential customers.

Google Posts allow companies to upload images, event promotions, calls-to-action, and more to Google. Whether an organization wants to showcase new products or share daily specials, Google Posts makes it possible.

The Google Business Listing system provides small and growing businesses with an opportunity to improve local SEO and build up a steady audience. With Google Posts now added to this setup, businesses can create high-ranking content that is easy for users to find.

Expanding the Google My Business Platform

The GMB platform provides opportunities for businesses of all sizes, but it is particularly helpful for smaller organizations. Single-location service providers have a vested interest in building awareness, especially at the local level.

A Google business listing tells interested people the important details about an organization. When searching up a business, we all appreciate being able to find things like the hours of operation and directions to the location.

Now, business owners have more options than ever before when it comes to conveying information toward potential customers. Google Posts make it easy for companies to improve local SEO and get time-sensitive information to users more quickly.

What Can Google Posts Add to a Listing?

We all know how a Google business listing appears, and usually most listings convey the same information. Since these listings are so popular and searched so frequently, they present many opportunities for companies to show off pertinent content.

Take for example a special deal or limited-time promotion. Advertising this can be tricky, but Google Posts allow business owners to add this information to their listing on the GMB platform. This is great for making sure customers don’t miss out on temporary specials.

If a company is hosting a special event or launching a highly anticipated product, Google Posts are an effective way to build awareness and get the word out. Since people may be searching for the event or product, this also provides benefits for local SEO.

Google Posts can also be used for interaction. Encouraging people to take action builds professional relationships faster. Owners can allow users to subscribe to newsletters, make reservations, pre-order products, and more. With Google Posts in the GMB platform, reaching an audience has never been easier.

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