Responding To Reviews

Online reviews on sites such as Google or Yelp provide a number of benefits for both the consumer and the business. An online review from a customer with experience with your business provides potential customers with a more relatable recommendation than business advertisement. Online reviews provide businesses with a free form of advertisement and marketing that delivers effective exposure. Online reviews also carry the potential of boosting ranking in search engine results; the more your business name is mentioned, the higher the potential for better ranking.

Apart from the obvious advertisement benefit, online reviews allow your business an opportunity to develop a connection with customers. Businesses that take the time to read and then respond to online reviews demonstrate an interest in what customers think and need. Both positive and negative reviews carry with them an opportunity to win over new and existing customers through an individual response. Positive reviews will promote your business and services on their own, but a negative review presents an opportunity to show your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why Respond To A Review?

Responding to online reviews provides significant benefits and opportunities for your business.  Taking the time to post a reply to an online review shows a greater interest in your customer along with addressing any concerns or dissatisfaction. Through replies, clients and more importantly, potential clients, can get to know your business on a more personal level rather than simply knowing your business name. Responding to an online review creates a connection between your client and your business which in turn can build loyalty, encourage repeat business, and even provide your business with a chance to redeem yourself with dissatisfied customers. Online reviews combined with personalized responses can greatly improve or even build your online reputation.

Responding to reviews can furthermore boost SEO and reinforce your online marketing strategy. An individualized yet strategically worded response will not only show attentiveness to customers, but it will also increase the potential of being found through specific keyword searches. Through an online review you can better see the most effective keywords customers are using to find your services or products. Through an intentionally worded response, you can reiterate those keywords and attract site traffic and increase the possibility for new business from other similarly minded customers.

Responding to an online review provides:

  • Courtesy: Responding to a compliment, or complaint, in any form is simply the polite thing to do. It shows appreciation and gives importance to that person’s opinion. Someone took the time out of their day to say something about your business, thanking them or addressing their concerns is a simple courtesy that should not be overlooked.
  • Exposure, Promotion and Confidence: A response to an online review is public for countless potential clients to see, making the attention to detail even more impactful. A recent consumer review survey showed that 91% of consumers read online reviews. This shows the continually increasing importance of online reviews or ratings for business exposure and promotion. The same survey found that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Consumers are placing great value on the opinion of current clients; taking the time to deliver a personal response from your business will not only provide your business with a crucial and effective form of marketing, but will also build confidence with potential clients. Someone may be exposed to your business through the keyword search, but will then choose your business through the reassurance of quality of service provided by an online review and corresponding response. Likewise, search engines will ultimately promote your business with improved rankings. Responses to Google reviews or Yelp reviews show active participation and management of your online brand which provides you with a better listing position in search engine results.

Positive Reviews

Positive reviews give you the greatest form of business promotion as they promote your brand without you doing so. Positive reviews provide more relatable information about your business and highlight the level of customer service you deliver. Potential customers are more likely to choose a business that has a form of tangible proof of the quality of service they provide. A response to a positive review will further reinforce the recommendation provided by an existing customer.

In a response to a positive review, it is important to:

  • Be Personal: Letting your reviewer know that there is an actual person behind the response allows your response to carry greater weight and significance. A generic “Thank you for your review” lacks individual attention. Mentioning the reviewers name and specific details from their comment shows genuine attention and appreciation. Be intentional in showing appreciation for their business, not simply for their review.
  • Use Keywords: Make sure to always include your business name, keywords and even location in your response. These inclusions will reinforce the positive review while attracting attention from future search engine results.
  • Subtly Promote Your Services or Products: Remember that your reply is public, so by incorporating some subtle marketing you can further promote your business. Try mentioning a service or product that is relevant or correlating to anything specifically mentioned in the review. Encouraging repeat business from your reviewer can easily do this. You may suggest they try another project or simply invite them to remember your business the next time they need a specific service.

Negative Reviews

While it is true that negative reviews can deter customers from choosing your business’s products or services, it can also provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to service. A complaint or negative review is not pleasant to confront or address, but ignoring it can do even more harm. Remember that both the review and response are public and potential customers will pay attention to the way your respond. A positive response to a negative review is a powerful way of demonstrating commitment to service and a reassurance on customer concerns. A response is an opportunity to make things right and can encourage the possibility for a second chance.

When responding to a negative response, it is important to:

  • Be Personal: Even more so than in a positive review response, it is crucial to deliver a personalized response on a negative review. Mentioning the reviewer by name and specifically addressing their negative experience shows genuine concern on your behalf.
  • Be Apologetic and Sympathetic: Make to sure to be sincere and acknowledge the reviewers concerns or frustrations. Never make less of their comments, rather be caring and responsive. Show genuine concern for their bad experience along with a genuine commitment to redeem your self. Apologizing is the first step to righting a wrong; show your customer your desire to do that.
  • Never Attack: When addressing negative reviews, it is very important to not take the content of the review personally. Do not let emotions or anger affect your response. It is never acceptable to attack or accuse the client. A response to a negative review is meant for resolving or addressing a problem, not for an argument or accusations. Take ownership of mistakes, remember to be sympathetic and never place the blame on the customer (even if they are to blame). Potential customers pay attention to how you handle negative situations; by delivering a mature, non-confrontational response you can encourage future clients of your intent to deliver quality service.
  • Be Brief and Redirect The Conversation: A response to a negative review does not need to be lengthy. Going on and on in a response of this nature will not help your cause. Instead, redirect the conversation to a private or direct line of communication. Encourage them to call a specific person within your company in order to further discuss the matter and make sure to provide a direct way of reaching that person. Keeping your response brief and encouraging direct communication will demonstrate a more genuine interest in resolving the problem.
  • Use Keywords and Marketing: Just as in a positive review, it is important to reiterate your business name and related keywords. Mentioning these things will be helpful in providing exposure through search engines.

Las Vegas Online Review Services

Responding to online reviews is a critical, yet often overlooked, aspect of a successful online marketing strategy. It is a service that requires attention and a time commitment that many do not have. You can ensure that your business maintains a connection with current and potential clients alike by hiring an Internet marketing agency to handle all Google and Yelp review responses. 1 Source Media Group of Las Vegas provides your business with the critical benefits from responding to online reviews. 1 Source Media Group can help your business get more reviews, improve customer service and reply to all reviews online.

At 1 Source Media Group, we are committed to delivering attention to detail in your online marketing campaign. Our team will ensure that online reviewers are recognized, appreciated and redirected when needed. Contact us today to further discuss how 1 Source Media Group can help boost the SEO strategy of your Las Vegas Business through effective online review responses.