Your Daily SEO Fix: Solve Everything from Local, On-Page SEO and Keyword Research

Some like a daily fix of coffee.

Others need their daily fix of TMZ.

For us, SEO pumps us up.

What do you expect? We’re the SEO people.

Today we’re here to share our daily SEO fix with you, including tips for improving keyword research, cleaning up your on-page SEO, and more.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

4 Fixes to Your Site’s Biggest Problems with Local and On-Page SEO

  1. Continuously Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research is not a one-time situation.

Instead, you must perform keyword research daily. Yes, daily. Look for new, relevant keywords that your clients are looking for, see who is ranking for what, and find content suggestions that allow you to optimize that keyword.

  1. How Optimized are Your Pages?

Next, look at your on-page SEO.Check if your it’s well-optimized and look for opportunities to tweak your SEO.

A few questions to ask during this self-analysis include:

  1. Am I using the right keyword density? Alternatively, am I spamming?
  2. Does my content pair well with the keywords selected?
  3. Do I have keywords in the targeted zones (i.e. headers, first and last paragraphs, and so on)?
  1. Optimize Your Local SEO, Too

Local SEO is critical.

More customers are using mobile phones to target local businesses In fact, 50% of consumers that visit a physical store used their cell phone to find it first. One out of three will search for a local store in their area.

Furthermore, 88% of consumers conduct a local search on a search engine.

See the point we are making here?

So, optimize your local SEO by:

  1. Ensuring your NAP is accurate (name, address, phone number).
  2. Clean up any old listings elsewhere on the web and correct phone numbers and contact information on listing sites.
  3. Try the free NAP accuracy checker from to see if you have an accurate listing.
  1. Consider Reaching Out to a Pro

Let’s recap: optimize on-page SEO, conduct keyword research regularly for new content ideas, and verify your local SEO and NAPs are accurate.

That is a lot to take on for a single day, right?

On-page SEO and local SEO are critical today. You need deep keyword research that targets the right audience, pleases Google, and brings excellent results.

To do that, you could consider employing a professional.

The local business internet marketing gurus at 1 Source Media Group can help.

We know the power of local SEO, and we have years of experience in keyword research and content optimization. Let us take your business from page three to page one of the SERPs.

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